>(1)On name cards
>       I think that it is good for you to give your name cards following 
>  this way.
>   1)First, you receive your business partners' name cards.
>   2)Secand, your seniors give their name cards to your business
>     partners.
>   3)Last, you give your name card to your business partners.  
>(2)On how to knock
>       I don't know how many times would it be proper to knock on the
>   door when entering your seniors office. But I always knock on the
>   door twice.
These answers are the advice that the Yomiuri Shimbun gave in answer to 
these questions:

On name cards:

You should give your name cards. It would be much better for you to give your 
name cards after your seniors introduce you to the business partners. Even 
when your seniors don't introduce you, you are advised to give your name 
cards, doing so when the time seems right.

On how to knock:

There is no established rule or guideline for knocking on the door. But 
here in Japan, people usually knock twice before entering a rest room. Perhaps 
three times would be proper.

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