Thanks for your message. All of the opinions were interesting. Here are your classmates ideas:

I think the programer is very wise and his work is very great, but I wish Kasparov would win the game, because "chese" is one of the game "person" made.

This is surprising to me .

The time which computers rule all over the world will come. The consequence of game is the sign of our future.

Mr.Kasparov said that he couldn't read the computer's mind. I think that is the cause of his defeat.

As one of the student of Technoloy,this result is very happy,but, as a man,this is very fearful.

I think the Computer beats the human finally.But,the computer cannot win the human in the Shogi game forever.

I think it's unbelievable.And it's very scareful that a computer's brain is superior to human being's one.Because a computer is made by human for developing tecchnology.So human must control it and be superior to it,I think.I don't want to think that computers control everything.

I think this resurt doesn't certifies the computer is more superior than the human. Because the human make mistakes. Only human have feelings. Man's feelings make many mistakes. That mistakes is the most important thing of the human. Man who don't make a mistake is fearful and not fun. the history of human is made by many mistakes,too. the computer doesn't make any mistakes. That is very useful, but we don't make it friendry, sometimes. And the computer was made by the man had made many mistakes. So the human is more superior than the computer, forever.

It's very wonderful. But IBM cost huge money for DeepBlue. At next match I hope Kasparov win DeepBlue.

IBM made a very great computer. But I think that it is waste of money.

I don't think the result means Deep Blue exceeds human beings. It was programed to aim at only Kasparov. And what computers can do is just calculation. A news paper article said that even if Kasparov has lost because of presure, it was exactly what computers couldn't understand.

This game was very amusing event! I herad Kasparov's been the strongest person for 12 years.And last year there was the game like this time. At that time Kasparov defeated Deep Blue. I think this game was the game between Kasparov and the programmer who programs Deep Blue rather than Deep Bule. So, this 1 year since the last game has been the year the programmer made a great effort!!

I think that Deep Blue had a lucky win. I think Mr.Kasparov is superior to the Deep Blue.

Computer chips now can do what the human brains do and even more than that but the fact should not be forgetten; it is the human who created the computer.

May 16, 1997