John Bauman

707-3 Nakazato
Abiko, Chiba
Japan 270-1122

Training Experience

NHK Radio, Newmon Business Eigo
April 2009 to present
Assist with scriptwriting and curriculum design of a twice weekly radio show which teaches Business English at an intermediate level. Advise during recording sessions.

Tokyo Training Group
January 2001 to present
Provide business communication training to employees of client corporations. Design training material and courses.

Aoyama Gakuin University
April 2006 to present
Teach Business English courses.

Hosei University
April 2002 to present
Teach Business English courses.

Temple University Japan, Corporate Education Program
May 1996 to December 2000
Taught business English to employees of client corporations, largely Motorola Japan Limited and Tohoku Semiconductor Limited. Wrote training material and assisted in program administration.

Tohoku University
April 1997 to March 2000
Taught English to first and third year science students on a part-time basis.

Lakeland College Japan, Tokyo, Japan
April 1993 to April 1996
Taught university preparation classes to Japanese students at all levels.

St. Augustine College, Chicago, Illinois
September 1992 to April 1993, September 1990 to June 1991
Taught Freshman Composition classes and college preparation classes to immigrant and native born Hispanic students.

Hohai University, Changzhou, China
September 1991 to June 1992
Developed and taught EFL classes to university students, university faculty, and other adults in the community.

Southern Illinois University in Niigata, Nakajo, Japan
May 1988 to July 1990
Taught university preparation classes to Japanese students at all levels.
Participated in test and material development.

Chicago Technological College, Chicago, Illinois
September 1987 to May 1988
Taught intensive ESL classes to all levels of adult immigrant students.

Triton College, River Grove, Illinois
September 1985 to August 1987
Taught intensive ESL classes and vocational ESL classes to all levels of adult, immigrant students.


University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
September 1983 to June 1985
M.A. Major: Applied Linguistics/TESOL

Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
January 1978 to June 1982
B.A. Major: Communications

Professional Organizations

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Japan Association of Language Teachers

The Association for Business Communication


Vocabulary Resources for Materials Writers
The Materials Writers Newsletter, The newsletter of the JALT Materials Writers National Special Interest Group, Volume 4, Number 3, October 1996

An Easy Way to Get Students Talking
ELI Teaching, Issue 25, April 1997

Computerized Test and Material Production
On JALT 96, The Proceedings of the 23rd Annual JALT International Conference, August, 1997

The Acquisition of Basic Vocabulary by College-age Japanese Students in an Intensive EAP Program
(with Tae Ito)LCJ JournalVolume 1, Lakeland College Japan, Tokyo, Japan, December 1997

E-Mail in the Business World: Issues for Teachers of English for Specific Purposes
Proceedings, 1997: The Japan Conference on English for Specific PurposesUniversity of Aizu, Aizu, Japan, January 1998

Using E-mail with your Students
The Language Teacher, (21)2, February, 1998

Extend Class Discussion Activities via Cyberspace
Recipes for Wired Teachers, JALT CALL SIG, Nagoya, Japan, 2000


Initial Vocabulary Load for Beginning EAP Students: A Comparative Study
(with Tae Ito) JACET 34th Annual Convention, Tokyo, September 16, 1995

This presentation reported the results of a study done with beginning students of English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Groups of students of equal ability were given vocabulary lists of different lengths for their first 6 weeks of vocabulary study and testing. Consequences of the different loads were analyzed in terms of vocabulary acquisition and retention.

Computerized Test and Material Production
JALT 96, Hiroshima, Japan, November 4, 1996

This presentation described ways to use common spreadsheet and word processing programs to store class material. Ways to convert the material into multi-version tests, handouts, and internet-compatible formats were demonstrated.

Integrating E-mail into a Curriculum
JALT 97, Hamamatsu, Japan, October 10, 1997

This presentation explored the possibilities of a fully e-mail competent class. Formats for receiving and responding to homework were described, focusing on ways to make actual class time more effective.

Using E-Mail to Simulate Authentic Business Communication
The Japan Conference on English for Specific Purposes, Aizu, Japan, November 8, 1997

This presentation explored ways to use raise the effectiveness of business classes by using activities that match the real communication experiences of the business world.

A Morphological Sequence for Beginning Students
Pacific Second Language Research Forum, Tokyo, Japan, March 27, 1998

This presentation described corpus based research into the derivational affixes that occur with the most common words in English. A sequence for introducing affixes to beginning students was proposed and justified.

E-Mail in the Business English Classroom
JALT 98, Omiya, Japan, November 23, 1998

This presentation explored insights from both academic journals and the popular business press into current e-mail usage in business. Ways to use this information in the classroom were presented.

Business English Today, An Idea Exchange
JALT 99, Maebashi, Japan, October 10, 1999

In this presentation, current issues in the teaching of Business English were discussed. The focus was on facilitating communication among professionals in the field.

Interactive Use of E-mail
TESOL 2000, Vancouver, British Columbia, March 15, 2000

This was a hands-on demonstration of a variety of techniques for using e-mail in language teaching.

Using E-Mail to Simulate Authentic Business Communication
The Association for Business Communication Kyoto Conference, August 8, 2000

This presentation covered up-to-date information about the use of e-mail in business. Ways to teach e-mail usage in Business Communication classes were introduced.

Business English, What's Happening Now?
JALT 2000, Shizuoka, Japan, November 3, 2000

This workshop was an opportunity for teachers to network and to hear about the state of the Business English training in Japan and elsewhere.

The Discourse Features of Computer-Mediated-Communication in Japanese
With Yamada, J.; Oda, E.; Fujisaki, Y.; & Okamoto, N.
JALTCALL 2001, Ohta, Gunma, Japan, May 26, 2001

This presentation showed some preliminary data from a study of a corpus of 1,500 Japanese business e-mail messages.

Business English in Japanese Universities
5th Association for Business Communication Asia Pacific Conference, March 28, 2005

This presentation discussed the the presenter's experience in training business professionals and related this experience to teaching Business English in Japanese university classes.


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